The seamless journey

The seamless journey of the maritime professional

About the voyage

It won't come as a surprise: no two journeys we facilitate are ever the same, so no two process descriptions are the same. Every maritime professional's journey is unique. And that's a good thing because it keeps our work challenging and interesting. However, we can give you a broad idea of what you can expect when you engage our services. You will find the description here. 'Your Crew, Our People'

The seamless journey of the maritime professional

Paperwork and organization

Whether a maritime professional is flown in from the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Georgia, or anywhere else in the world, Boers Crew Services is hard at work before they board their flight. Measurements are required to ensure that the whole journey runs smoothly or takes place at all. This starts with the visa application, which must be completed by the time the seafarer arrives in the Schengen area. We also book flights, book hotel accommodation, arrange PCR tests, contact the border police and Immigration Services, and take care of transport from the airport. Our in-house crew of around 80 experts knows the ropes, ensuring a smooth crew change and a successful outcome.

Arrival at the airport

Once the paperwork has been arranged and travel and accommodation have been organized, it's time for the flight that will take the seafarer to their vessel. Boers Crew Services always notifies maritime professionals and their shipping companies about the organization and schedule well in advance. This way they know what to expect at every point on their journey. We also ensure that maritime professionals receive a warm welcome from our drivers, who then transport them safely, comfortably, and quickly to the port of 'destination' or their hotel. Delays or other unexpected setbacks? Rest assured. Our knowledge, skills, and determination mean that we will find a solution to any problem. Should the need arise, we can rely on our carefully built network, which often opens doors that remain closed to others.

The crew change

When the vessel arrives at port, we make sure that everything is in place for the crew change. We communicate closely with the captain so that the schedule is always up-to-date and feasible, and we keep maritime professionals and our clients regularly informed of the state of affairs. Our drivers pick up crew members from the hotel or airport at the agreed time and take them to the tender or the vessel. The final leg of the outward journey begins, and with this important step, the crew change is completed successfully. But it's not only the crew that is busy. We are already carrying out the final preparations for the repatriation of the offsigning crew, so it runs as smoothly and flawlessly as possible.

Assistance in port and at sea

For us, a vessel in port does not only mean facilitating crew changes. We make ourselves indispensable in several ways. By offering assistance to replace expired passports or delivering cash to the captain, for example, but also when visiting healthcare providers. Every now and then, maritime professionals need to see a doctor or dentist or place themselves in the expert hands of a massage therapist in the event of an unexpected injury. In addition, PCR tests, vaccinations, or medical repatriation may also be necessary, and in exceptional cases, we also have to deal with the decease of a crew member. We support the crew from start to finish, whatever the circumstances no matter what time of the day it is.

Planning the return voyage

For us, the maritime professional's repatriation already begins before the vessel even enters the port where the crew will disembark. We start planning and organizing the last part of their trip when we know the vessels' ETA. This is crucial because the safe and smooth repatriation of the crew is not without hurdles. There are many obstacles involved in planning and organizing this process, which we are happy to manage on your behalf. We will take the paperwork out of your hands and facilitate everything from tender transport to taxis. Need a hotel room due to a transfer or a change of flight schedule at short notice? We can take care of that, too. All the seafarer has to do is be ready on the day of departure.

The journey home

After spending months on a vessel, it's now time for the journey home. We notify maritime professionals and their shipping companies well in advance of the schedule and ensure that they have all the required documents in a timely manner. Once again, we arrange everything from the paperwork to the transport to the airport. Your crew members have worked hard over the last few months, so we work hard to make everything easy for them. We also come up with a suitable alternative in case of delays or cancellations. We assist your crew until they have arrived back on home soil. That way, after months of hard work, we know they are in good hands until they have returned safely to their families and friends.